Celebrate Maldivian Art and Craftsmanship

The Maldives is renowned for its stunning beaches and crystal-clear waters, but the island nation also has a vibrant artistic heritage. Maldivian art and craftsmanship are deeply embedded in the island nation’s culture and traditions; Malei Island provides the perfect opportunity to explore these unique artistic expressions. In this blog post we’ll highlight local artisans and craftspeople who specialize in traditional arts like lacquer work, weaving, wood carving as well as local galleries and museums that showcase Maldivian artwork.

Lacquer Work

Lacquer work is a traditional Maldivian craft that involves decorating wooden objects with layers of resin and pigments. The technique produces intricate patterns on boxes, bowls, and other objects. On Malei Island visitors can witness this traditional process at local workshops where skilled artisans use natural pigments and locally-sourced wood to craft beautiful works of art. You may also purchase souvenirs made of lacquer work from nearby shops and markets.


Weaving is a traditional craft popular in Malei Island. The Maldives has long been known for its skill at weaving mats and baskets from natural fibers like palm leaves or coconut husks. These mats can be used for everything from sleeping to praying or picnics – and visitors are invited to observe the intricate patterns woven into these products at local workshops. Visitors take home beautiful souvenirs after viewing the finished products!

Wood Carving

Wood carving has been a traditional craft in the Maldives for centuries. This art involves carving intricate designs and patterns into wood using tools such as chisels and gouges. Visitors to Malei Island can visit local woodcarvers to witness their intricate creations; from furniture pieces to decorative items.

Local Art Galleries and Museums

Malei Island boasts several art galleries and museums that showcase Maldivian creativity and artistry. The National Art Gallery in Male’s capital city showcases both contemporary and traditional Maldivian works of art such as paintings, sculptures, photographs. It also hosts regular exhibitions and events to showcase the diversity of Maldivian art forms.

The Maldives National Museum in Male is a must-visit destination for art enthusiasts. Here, it houses an array of artifacts that illustrate the country’s history and culture through ancient Buddhist relics, Islamic artifacts, as well as items from colonial times. Additionally, visitors can admire traditional Maldivian artwork including lacquer work, wood carving and weaving techniques.


Celebrating Maldivian art and craftsmanship is a wonderful way to experience the culture and traditions of Malei Island and the Maldives. From lacquer work and weaving to wood carving, the island boasts many skilled artisans who create stunning works of art. Visitors can explore these traditional crafts at local workshops before purchasing souvenirs to take home. Furthermore, local galleries and museums provide an insight into Maldivian artistic diversity, showcasing both contemporary as well as traditional works. So if you are interested in discovering Malei Island’s rich artistic heritage, visiting Malei Island should not be missed!

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