Experience Maldivian Cuisine on Malei Island

Maldivian cuisine is an exquisite mix of Indian, Sri Lankan and Arabic flavors that visitors to Malei Island must experience. From traditional breakfast dishes to seafood curries, Maldivian cooking offers a diverse range of tastes and cooking methods sure to please any food connoisseur. In this article we’ll take a closer look at Malei Island’s local food scene and highlight some must-try dishes for guests.

Traditional Maldivian Dishes

Maldivian cuisine is heavily influenced by its location and history. It fuses spices from India with seafood and tropical fruits from the Maldives, creating some of the most popular traditional Maldivian dishes.

  • Mas huni: A traditional breakfast dish composed of smoked tuna, grated coconut and onions. It is served with chapati bread and hot tea.
  • Garudhiya: A clear fish soup made with tuna, lime and chili that’s typically served with rice, lime wedges and chili paste.
  • Boshi Mashuni: A salad composed of grated banana, coconut and onion that’s typically served with roshi – a thin bread made from wheat or rice flour.
  • Kulhi Boakibaa: A type of fish cake made with smoked tuna, rice flour and spices which can be enjoyed as either snacks or appetizers.

Local Markets and Restaurants

One of the best ways to experience Maldivian cuisine is by visiting its local markets and restaurants on Malei Island. Places like Maldives Fish Market in Male’s capital city provide visitors with fresh seafood and tropical fruits used in traditional Maldivian dishes. Plus they can buy spices such as cumin, cardamom, and curry leaves to take home for use in their own cooking.

Malei Island offers several restaurants serving traditional Maldivian cuisine. One popular spot is Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, which provides an unforgettable dining experience beneath the ocean’s colorful marine life. Here, guests can savor traditional Maldivian dishes in an underwater setting while admiring stunning views of dolphins and other sea life.

Sea House Maldives is another popular restaurant, offering a wide range of seafood dishes such as traditional Maldivian fish curry and grilled octopus. For those who prefer something more familiar, the restaurant also has international dishes available.

Cooking Maldivian Cuisine at Home

Are you looking to bring the exotic flavors of Maldivian cuisine into your own kitchen? Look no further – learn how to cook delicious cuisine right at home.

For those wanting to try their hand at cooking traditional Maldivian dishes at home, there are several resources available. Mohamed Hamid’s The Maldives Cookbook is an extensive guide that includes recipes for popular dishes like mas huni and garudhiya as well as information on the history and culture of Maldivian cuisine – making it a great resource for anyone interested in discovering more about the local food scene.

There are plenty of online resources for home chefs, such as the Maldives Recipe website which provides a selection of traditional Maldivian recipes including desserts and drinks. Online retailers such as Amazon also carry Maldivian spices and ingredients so those wanting to recreate the flavors of the Maldives at home can easily do so.

Beverage Culture

In addition to its delicious cuisine, the Maldives boasts an exciting beverage culture as well. Tea and coffee are popular drinks on Malei Island and usually served with bondibai – a sweet coconut and rice pudding. Fresh coconut water is another popular beverage on Malei Island that street vendors sell from young coconuts on hot days. For those seeking something more adult-oriented, Lion beer brewed nearby in Sri Lanka makes for a light yet refreshing tipple that pairs well with spicy Maldivian cuisine.

Recommendations for Visitors

Visitors to Malei Island who want to sample the local food scene should keep several things in mind. First and foremost, try some traditional Maldivian dishes like mas huni, garudhiya, or boshi mashuni; these dishes boast an exquisite flavor profile sure to please any food connoisseur.

Visitors should make sure to explore Malei Island’s local markets and restaurants to sample fresh seafood and tropical fruits used in traditional Maldivian cuisine. Some of the best restaurants on the island include Ithaa Undersea Restaurant and Sea House Maldives, both offering classic Maldivian dishes in picturesque settings.

For those wanting to try their hand at cooking Maldivian cuisine at home, there are numerous resources such as cookbooks and online recipe websites. Visitors may even purchase traditional Maldivian spices and ingredients to take with them and use in their own creations.

Finally, visitors to the Maldives should try sampling some local beverages such as fresh coconut water and Lion beer. These refreshing drinks offer a flavor of the Maldives and make for great cooling down on hot days.


Tasting Malei Island’s local food scene is an essential part of any visit. Traditional Maldivian cuisine boasts a unique and delicious flavor profile that’s sure to please any food enthusiast. From trying traditional Maldivian dishes at a restaurant to visiting markets for fresh seafood and tropical fruits, or cooking Maldivian dishes at home – there are many ways to experience the island’s vibrant culinary scene. Visitors should make sure they try some traditional dishes, sample local beverages, and explore markets and restaurants for an authentic Maldivian culinary adventure.

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